Smoky Poblanos

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Smoky Poblanos Smoky Poblanos

I had 2 poblano peppers and a small bit of smoked ham to use up somehow for lunch, and these treats made for a nice lunch today.  I used grated Monterrey Jack cheese, but sliced would be easier to work with.  Just didn’t have any on hand.  The key to these is to sear them off (or roast them) in a skillet.  Most poblanos are not hot, but I have gotten hold of some hot ones once or twice.  Roasting or searing them takes most of the heat out and sweetens them up!  In fact these 2 today were the sweetest I’ve ever eaten!  I made a couple with cheddar cheese but personally didn’t care for it.  This recipe is suitable for all phases of Atkins, Ketogenic diets and Primal Blueprint, but with cheese it is not suitable for Paleo.


4239243466_8061fef088_z Poblano peppers average 4-5″ and are very…

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