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New Themes: Apostrophe and Canard

May 28, 2015

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Happy Theme Thursday! Today, welcomes two new free themes to its collection: Apostrophe and Canard.


Apostrophe Demo

With a pared-down design and bold images, Apostrophe is ideally suited to magazine-style sites, like travelogues, fashion blogs, or foodie sites. It’s an update of Semicolon, built by Automattic’s own Konstantin Kovshenin.

Apostrophe: Responsive DesignApostrophe supports Social Links Menus, Featured Images, Site Logos, Post Formats, Custom Menus, Widgets, Custom Backgrounds, and Custom Headers.

Read more about Apostrophe on the Theme Showcase, or activate it on your site from Appearance → Themes!


Canard: Homepage

Designed by Thomas Guillot, Canard is a flexible and versatile theme perfect for magazines, news sites, and blogs. It lets you highlight specific articles on the homepage and balances readability with a powerful use of photography — all in a layout that works on any device.

Canard: Responsive DesignCanard also supports the following…

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Poems by Seth Jani

May 24, 2015

The Blue Hour

In The House Magisterial

The immense and stumbling wind
Passes through a field
Into a house where a portrait
Of Christ slides from the wall
Onto the azure floorboards.
Overhead, the loneliness of childhood
Wanders the second floor
And dances in the strange, abandoned darkness.
Love, which is as real and full of light
As an apricot on winter evenings,
Sees itself shining in a mirror
Overrun by dust.
Of what remains from the old, long-gone inhabitants
I find only withered, flaking furniture
And a dirty, jewel-encrusted star.

Old Honey

Full of longing and delicately stored
In the small earthenware jar of honey
The dragonfly has waited forty years
To steal from its chrysalis
And be spread.

Wild Pears

Describing the dawn
As precisely as equating equations
Is a task that language cannot do.
We must substitute the perfection of the moment
For the lesser perfection of words,
Though they…

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May 24, 2015

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

My Top 10 “Rain Songs,” by Rich Paschall

Every time I consider a Top 10 list of songs, I think I will never come up with ten.  The fact is, I always pass 10 and must consider which ones to toss.  Remember, this is my top 10.  Some make the list only by virtue of the fact that I heard them thousands of times as I grew up.  They seem to be woven into my life and have been there now for decades.  I have one of recent vintage to toss on the list, I think you will like it.

I did notice there are a lot songs that are well-regarded in this area, but I could not bring myself to add them.  One is the horribly overblown version of November Rain by Guns and Roses.  The over long video with the orchestra and strings is a self-indulgent piece of ……

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May 24, 2015

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

It’s a pretty river. Small compared to the Blackstone — which itself is not a giant. But this is an elegant little river, curving prettily through woods and miniature beaches where people picnic, fish, and sometimes bathe.

Not this day, though. It was too chilly for any kind of outside getting wet. Maybe next week.

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May 22, 2015

Bizarro Reading Challenge

May 22, 2015

John Edward Lawson

ParamournCoverI’m happy to announce that my recent fiction collection Paramourn: Unfortunate Romances has made the preliminary ballot for the Wonderland Book Award, alongside a ton of great bizarro books by other authors. The Wonderland Book Award was established to recognize achievement in the field of bizarro fiction. Votes can be cast to determine the final ballot at — just select your top three candidates in each category and email to the address listed. The award is then voted on by members of the bizarro community and presented at BizarroCon, held annually in Portland, Oregon.

Everywhere I go professionally, people ask me: what is bizarro? Who are the authors? What books do you recommend? It’s hard to know where to begin usually. Today, however, it’s easy to say that anyone curious about bizarro fiction ought to familiarize themselves with those titles populating the preliminary ballot. There are 60…

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May 22, 2015

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

It was a beautiful day and the first time the calves had been let our of their cribs into the corral. Everyone was busy on the farm. Spring through autumn, there’s plenty of work for everyone.

I petted the calves who were friendly, if a bit skittish, meeting strangers. I could feel the bumps on their head where their horns were beginning to come in. A warm, bright spring day on the farm. A good day.

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May 22, 2015

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth


Cee’s challenge this week is for faces. Being at my friend’s house and her being uncharacteristically willing to let me take her picture, voilà! Taken with my new 60mm Olympus macro/portrait lens using the camera’s art effects and of course, Photoshop.

Cherrie BW pensive portrait

Cherrie bw portrait hadley

Hop on over to Cee’s Photography site for more great pictures.

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James DiBenedetto’s next Dream series book is out!

May 22, 2015

Cait Jarrod

What if you could see everyone else’s dreams?

Find out with the Dream Series by J.J. DiBenedetto! Book #9, FEVER DREAM, is out today!


What’s the story?

Dr. Sara Alderson isn’t used to her patients dying for no reason. When a young boy succumbs to a mysterious illness that defies all her efforts to treat it, she refuses to accept defeat.

After two months of questions, Sara has attracted the attention of powerful people who don’t want their secrets uncovered, and will go to any lengths to make sure they stay hidden.

Now, time is running out for Sara to unravel the mystery before anyone else falls victim to the illness. And before her career, her family and her freedom are taken from her by enemies she doesn’t even know she has.

Where can you buy it?

Amazon (Kindle or Paperback)


Barnes & Noble (Nook or Paperback)

Apple iBookstore

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A Short Fuse

May 12, 2015


Big? Yes. Wonderful? Not so much. Big? Yes. Wonderful? Not so much.

Sometimes a person needs to blow something up.

At least that how I felt as I drove through a lonely stretch of Wyoming desert. I was on a journey to Utah, the goal of which was to get my head together, devise a plan for my future, and hope that Fate would give me some kind of a sign.

I had traveled more than 1,200 miles. Fate offered up no signs. In fact, the only signs I came across were billboards selling fireworks.

Fireworks are illegal in my home state of New Jersey, so I couldn’t help but marvel at just how many fireworks stores existed west of the Delaware River. Every one had its own colorful billboard, pleading with me to me try my hand at losing my fingers. At first these offers weren’t difficult to resist. I found fireworks stupid. Also…

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