#DD4L: Miss D Explains Beef With Neva; Bucking On Without Kayla + An EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek Of The Season Finale

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Bring It Cast Source: Richard Knapp / Richard Knapp
Every Friday night, like your favorite weekend-welcoming ritual, #TeamBeautiful tunes into Lifetime?s Bring Itto watch Miss D, Kayla, Sunjai and the rest of the #DD4L crew perform death-defying stunts like the heel stretch or death drop. (Maybe not so death-defying, but showstopping nonetheless.)

This season brought some intense dance battles. From the brag out battle against newcomers YCDC Superstarz, to the back and forth rivalry with Divas Of Olive Branch and more, it all boils down to the season finale when the dolls face off against the competition one last time in the Battle Royale.

We caught up with Miss D, who gave us the scoop on her beef with Divas Of Olive Branch coach Neva, what the team will do once their captain Kayla leaves and what to expect from the final episode.

HelloBeautiful: What started your rivalry with Neva?


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