New iTunes Single: LaRyss feat Baby Bash – Ride [LISTEN]

Hot 107.9

LARYSS-RIDE-SINGLE Source: Laryss / Laryss

Born and raised in Houston Texas, LaRyss is a young 20-year-old undiscovered Pop Sensation! If asked when her love affair with music began, LaRyss will tell you “I basically came out of the womb singing and never shut up”. LaRyss spent nearly every waking moment of her childhood engulfed in music, whether
it was singing at church, home or in her schools Choir and Musical Theater programs. These programs are what allowed her to discover her infatuation with performing and helped her to appreciate all genres and types of music, showing herthat its beauty lays in its versatility. Her family, having seen this passion and love for singing present throughout her entire life, supported her in following her heart to pursue music as a career. She knew that nothing could fulfill her as a person and make her truly happy the way singing does, so she…

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