“Humor, warmth, love, wisdom, revenge…” Book blogger Meglena Ivanova reviews Permanent Spring Showers!

The Musings & Artful Blunders of Scott D. Southard

Paint SplatterToday my book, Permanent Spring Showers, is being showcased on the book blog of Meglena Ivanova (the post is here). She gave it five stars! So very cool!

Here is an excerpt from the review:

He wrote a clever and very romantic novel, that will surprise you through the last word. Humor, warmth, love, wisdom, revenge, betrayal, lust, and desire fill the pages. The plots are interesting, thoughtful and very engaging. Southard’s book includes themes about how to live honestly and authentically; how to make our own decisions and accept responsibility for them; how to develop our talents and gifts; how to find our passion and purpose; and how to cultivate an open heart and mind, all taking place in some very unique situations.

Also, Meglena asked for an interview around the book. It was fun to do and the questions dealt with writing, inspiration, and even marketing in…

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