Readers Choice Award 2014

John Edward Lawson

RDSP Reader's Choice Award

It’s that time of the year again. The time when authors from Dog Star Books, Guide Dog Books, and Raw Dog Screaming Press duke it out. The RDSP Reader’s Choice Award is upon us.

Matt Betts with the belt Matt Betts flaunts his stuff

What does that mean, exactly? First off, yes: there really is an award. And yes, the rumors are true: it is a bona fide professional wrestling championship belt. We had that puppy custom made by a company that only makes championship belts for boxing, MMA, and wrestling. Yes, there is a name plate on the side engraved with each winner’s name and the year of their reign. Our logo is also engraved on other plates around the belt.

Author Matt Betts was crowned our inaugural Reader’s Choice Champion at last year’s DogCon event for his novel Odd Men Out. We love all of the books we publish, but…

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