Need vs Want

Terry Spear's Shifters

Have you ever been pulled and tugged and pushed to fill a want when you know you have other needs you need to fulfill first? Like…obligations?

I am behind on word count. It’s a need. I need to get 5700 words done today on She-Wolf. I need to work on a bear and get it finished this weekend so I can ship it on Monday. Those are deadline needs.

But I also needed to vacuum and mop the floors. And dust. I did the floors, and some of the dusting. I also washed all the puppies’ bedding, towels I used on them, etc. I have too many needs.

Tanner the Hunter Tanner the Hunter

Then there are the darn wants. I’m usually good about fulfilling needs first, then wants as a treat, just like if the puppies do what they’re supposed to, they get their treats. 🙂

So, I started watching Outlander. I…

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