Character Interview with Makari from Shadow Stalker Episode 7

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Character Interview with Makari

Today, I have Makari with me from Renee Scattergood’s series, Shadow Stalker.

Makari, you’re the son of Drevin, the emperor of the Galvadi Empire. What was it like growing up as a prince on Nadiria?

I wouldn’t say I grew up as a prince exactly. My father doesn’t acknowledge me as an heir. I’m just a means to an end for him.

That’s a pretty harsh outlook. What makes you think your father feels that way?

He told me. He made it very clear from the time I was young that I only had one purpose, which was to find the delohi-saqu. Beyond that, I was of no further use to him. If I did my job well, he might reconsider, but I have my doubts.

Why is that?

Just a feeling, but to answer your earlier question about what it was like growing up…

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