What Lingers by Liana Andreasen

The Blue Hour

The leaves of Lehigh Valley were turning, trails slippery. Alex conceded silently that Dave had been right, that the Susie situation was distracting him and that they shouldn’t have taken the most difficult trail out of Jim Thorpe. He felt the front wheel of his bicycle hit the boulder and he lost his grip of the handle. He imagined Susie’s laughing—she would, too. The last thing she’d said to him was to marry his bike. Her face was still lodged solidly in those spaces of his mind that he could not fill with any other thought.
Maybe he had even closed his eyes before the bike hit the boulder.
He was rolling downhill, hitting rocks with his body, too fast to register the hurt. He just knew bones and skin were rapidly snapping open, though life did not flash before his eyes. All he could think was, this is bad…

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