Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Spots to Savor

They’re hot. They’re little. They’re biscuits. What more is there to life? This place is incredible and perfect for a quick breakfast, mid-day snack, or late night treat. It’s kind of an in and out place, the only seating they offer is a little bar with some stools so most people just grab and go. They serve delicious flavored biscuits like black pepper bacon, blackberry and cinnamon (my favorites), each around $3 or $4. But the best part is, they do a 3 biscuits for $5 deal so you can try different ones. They also offer different flavored butters and fillings to add to your biscuit so you can make your own ideal snack. They also offer one or two sandwiches and coffee and tea. And ya’ll… if you didn’t think biscuits got any better, you’re wrong. They serve biscuit bowls. Yes. These little bowls are filled with grits, shrimp and…

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