Why do we run so slowly in our dreams?

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You know how to run.

You’ve done it thousands of times, swishing your arms back and forth, tackling ground one leg at a time. And yet, when you enter a dream, running becomes much more complex. You feel sluggish, weighed down, forced to pull your body through some kind of invisible quicksand hellbent on trapping you.

It feels like you’re running in slow motion.

How does this happen? Some research indicates, as a whole, our 


dreams may actually occur in slow motion. Daniel Erlacher, a psychologist at the University of Bern in Switzerland, conducted an experimentto analyze brain activity during sleep, interested in finding out how the brain reacts to action in a dream. If you’re running in your dream, does that actually activate the parts of your brain related to running?

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Why do we run so slowly in our dreams?.

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