Why Do People Do the Things They Do???

Terry Spear's Shifters

I was in the grocery store right before Christmas and the lady in front of me was talking to me about getting in the wrong line because the people in front of her had all kinds of issues. I didn’t know what they were, but we were smiling and laughing about that sort of thing. One day, I was in line behind some folks that had to run out to their car and get a jar of coins to help pay for their groceries.  So yes, it can be trying.

But I wasn’t bothered by it. I was getting the last of my Christmas food for the kids’ arrival and was of good cheer. The old woman behind me was scowling and I smiled at her, trying to put her in a better mood. She asked, “What time is it?”

I told her. She asked two more times.

Then the…

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