In Defense of the Hobbit Movies: Purity and the Holy Geek Object

The Geek Anthropologist

Since it is JRR Tolkien’s 123rd birthday, we thought we’d write a little something about The Hobbit movies since they are finishing up in the next few months (with the release of the extended Battle of the Five Armies Blu-ray!). Among us here at TGA, there is quite a significant division about these movies! Some of us love them, some of us really dislike them! Such is the way of the geek. In any case, I wanted to use this divisive debate and talk a little bit about purity, danger, geekdom, and the living document.

For the past few years, geekdom has been in an uproar over the movie adaptations of the most sacred of geek texts – There and Back Again, otherwise known as The Hobbit. Take a ride around the Internet and you’ll find all manner of tales about how the purity of this holy grail…

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