Deep Multiplayer: Pokemon’s 2000-Year History and Social Impact

The Geek Anthropologist

Just a brief introduction here: this is a lecture given by Jared Miracle on the cultural history behind Pokemon. Tomorrow we’ll be posting a piece by Jared expanding on this material, but this video gives a great overview of his research in this area. /NM

JaredMiracle holds a doctorate in anthropology from Texas A&M University, where his research has focused on transnationalism and folklore between East Asia and the West, especially where violence and the fighting arts are concerned. His professional interests include popular culture, martial arts, East Asia, archives, narrative, masculinity, violence, the supernatural, human exploration of space, and foodways. In addition to anthropology and folk studies, he has experience working in archives and document curation, is fluent in Japanese, can read Mandarin, and is a popular guest speaker on topics involving the martial arts and Japanese popular culture. He is currently seeking a publisher for a manuscript exploring…

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