Corroded Pipeline with History of Leaks – Major Shell Oil Spill into Niger Delta


?We saw dead fish, dead crabs. ? This spill occurred seven, eight nautical miles from the shore ? [so] the volume runs into thousands of barrels,? said Alagoa Morris, head of the Niger Delta Resource Center for Environmental Rights Action.


>” […]Some 3,800 barrels spilled recently, according to an investigation by Shell and government officials. It ranks as one of the worst in Nigeria for years, local environmental activists said.

A Shell spokesman said that some 1,200 barrels had been recovered as of Tuesday, and “recovery efforts are continuing” at the site on the Okolo Launch on Bonny Island.

Shell said the spill was caused by a failed crude theft. Nigeria, Africa’s top oil producer, loses tens of thousands of barrels per day to oil theft that often causes spills, although many are also caused by corrodedpipelines.

Shell shut down its 28-inchpipelinecarrying Bonny Light crude Nov. 22, but…

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