Life is hard, celebrate.

Chop Wood, Carry Water

Photo by Alex Couey. To view more wedding photos click here. 

My uncle used to say “Life is Good” as his mantra. When troubles came- life is good. When good times passed-life is good. Always, a full-hearted, life is good.

My uncle also died 10 years ago in a car accident on his way to visit his dying mother. He was 52. Life was not good for his friends and family for a very long time after that.

During that time, and during all the challenging times after, I wanted to cling to his words. I wrote them on birthday cards, I shared them in toasts, I stopped and stared in a state of awe when I saw an entire store at the airport dedicated to the phrase “life is good.” I bought a keychain and wrapped my hand and my heart around it.

I wanted to borrow his…

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